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This is it ..

I am not going hold anything back

5 June 1977
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My name Brandy, I am 26 years old. I love to read, collect dolls and elephants. I was born and raised on the east cost of Nofolk, Va, but now I live in the heartland. and we have two wonderful boys.

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Date Created:10-8-03
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Brandy is a very loving person, and very for real. she does not like people trying to be something they are not. Sometimes she writes alot and other times she doesn't but they are for real. Things that happens in her everyday life. Some times she don't post as much as she should But dont ever think that she had left its just thats she does have kids.
Strengths: Very outspoken does not pull any punches, but very family orenited, loving. Does not like liars. Loves to read. Kids are also strength can't get through anything without them.
Weaknesses: Someone hurting family,friends,and loved ones.
Special Skills: Reading, Good on phone communicaton skills. Good listener.
Weapons: Power of the fist.

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